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off-grid Pure sine wave inverter 4KW-6KW
off-grid Pure sine wave inverter 4KW-6KW

off-grid Pure sine wave inverter 4KW-6KW

Time: 2020-09-02
visits: 115
PV Out Power: 3-6KW
Phase: Single Phase
Grid: off-grid


1. Contains four functions: mains bypass, mains charging, inverter, UPS, fully automatic switching

2. Efficiency is 3 - 5% higher than ordinary power frequency series, and self-consumption is

reduced by 30 - 50%

3.1ncludes dry contact signal function

4. Remote communication interface RJll I RJ45 I RS232 remote control panel (optional)

5. Pure sine wave output, fully isolated input and output design

6. Built-in AC four-stage charging mode, automatic adjustment of charging current

7. Can be used in combination with city power, diesel engine power generation, etc.

8. Can withstand 3 times rated power start, excellent load capacity

9. LED display working status, LCD remote display working parameters

10. Input reverse connection I Undervoltage I overvoltage I short circuit I overload I overheating protection

11. Pure sine wave series inverters are suitable for renewable energy systems, utilities, RVs, marine and

emergency applications.


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